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It may seem strange that we give such attention to certain organs of the body. Afterall, many people just want to shed some weight and keep it off. Why talk about the brain, the liver etc if you're not interested in a biology lesson? Well the brain decides how hungry you're going to be. A fatty liver which effects 25% to 50% of us can be the single cause of chronic fat accumulation (many people cannot lose weight because of their liver). And the state of the gut will determine if certain genes metabolise your fat or not. And that's just for starters!

Silly ideas like eating off a smaller plate or “working on your belly fat” have no real effect at all. Of course we do consider fat, but not in a superficial way. By understanding and working with your fat, just like with a swollen ankle, weight control and many chronic illnesses are seen in a whole new light. In fact anyone who comes along will understand fat to be their friend, there is no “battle of the bulge” because there's no battle to be fought.



Addressing both the causes and the consequences of dis-regulated fat tissue and hormonal imbalances is at the heart of our leanness presentations and the primary reason for its hugely successful results. Understanding this interplay of hormones such as insulin (regulating fat deposition and blood sugar), leptin (satiety/fullness), dopamine (the "wanting" hormone), serotonin (“happy/reward” hormone) etc is key to normalising appetite, reducing ageing, and acquiring all the other benefits that come with leanness.

Simply put, it is dis-regulation in the fat tissue that amplifies food cravings, taste preference, inadequate metabolism and a raised fat point mainly through hormonal imbalances, especially in the brain. Our natural biochemistry is no match against modern foods scientifically designed for physiological addiction.

Once fat tissue becomes disordered weight gain is persistent because:
(a) glucose and fat are scavenged out of the blood by fat cells and locked up for storage even if calorie intake is low.
(b) hunger is experienced even when calorie intake is high because the brain has been tripped into a pseudo-hunger mode.

This is exactly why calorie controlled diets do not work, nor does excess exercise or "low fat food". Dis-ordered fat tissue refuses to release its own stored fat regardless of the body's energy demands.



Genes determine the fat point which in turn is defended by the brain. This “Fat Point” is really a weight zone that most people are trapped within regardless of dieting because of the brain’s acute control through physiological mechanisms that resists weight change (up or down).

We have two appetites; a need based hunger (for energy) and a reward based hunger (for treats). To complicate matters further, genes are involved in about 2/3 of biologically determined obesity. Hormones are brought into play in resisting movement away from the fat point (up or down) by determining appetite.

Most people have an impaired sensitivity to satiety (“fullness”) which gets worse the longer we live the “modern” lifestyle. To become lean this has to be addressed to remove what can best be described as a modern pseudo-hunger phenomena (in the brain). Incidentally, this is the driving force behind bulimia and other eating disorders. Bulimia, contrary to accepted thinking, reflects the physiological state of starvation and not a psychological disorder.

A brain controlled by a pseudo-hunger mode accumulates weight by triggering high-energy food cravings (leading to binging), resisting activity, represses libido and fertility (with increased miscarriage) and switches off energy burning genes in order to build fat. If the mirror says you're over-weight but the brain is fooled otherwise, no amount of effort on your part will alter your body from remaining in a fat accumulation mode.
Dis-ordered fat tissue perpetuates the chaos in the interplay of hormones, the cause of "pseudo-hunger”. The irony is that being over-weight causes over-eating and lethargy (not the other way around). This is due to the brain both craving and preserving energy in every way possible as a survival mechanism against (pseudo) starvation regardless of the true nutritional state of the body. These presentations offer effective solutions to address this predicament and win back the brain; the brain is ALWAYS on the winning side



Obesity now exceeds alcohol as the leading cause of liver disease, effecting between 25% and 50% of the population. Because there's no symptoms it's referred to as The Silent Killer. A fatty liver raises resistance to both insulin (increasing fat deposition) and leptin (increasing hunger). To complicate matters there is a domino effect from liver phosphate depletion leading to hypertension (high blood pressure).

Being over weight makes you hungry but a fatty liver makes it worse; dieting with a fatty liver is futile. The only cure for a fatty liver is removing foods that caused it in the first place.

The chosen exercise we advocate substantially lowers liver fat along with the foods we promote. Many dietitians argue no food should be “forbidden”. But liver destroying “foods” that interfere with normal brain metabolism of the insulin signal and disrupt the leptin “stop eating” hormone have no place when mastering weight control and avoiding the chronic diseases of ageing.



A healthy digestive system is a regular digestive system. Certain foods facilitate the profound switching of “gene expression” in favour of fat metabolism and blood glucose. This physiological understanding has been totally ignored in modern weight control.

 Just through diet one can purposefully switch genes in favour of fat metabolism and help stabilise blood glucose. Its just another factor for someone overweight (young or old) becoming constitutionally lean over time.

Laxative misuse for weight loss is wide spread and eventually leads to a myriad of problems including bowel irregularity, bloating, rebound water retention, etc. (Participants who have suffered these problems for years and have “tried everything” report sudden relief once taking our Re-form).

The Anticipatory (Cephalic) Response by the body begins the process of fat deposition and hunger BEFORE food is actually consumed. Many “diet” drinks cause rapid ingestion of the meal creating blood sugar spikes and metabolic wreckage. Simply ignoring these “too complicated” effects in any diet plan does not make them disappear. We don't ignore them and neither should you.

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